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The Two-Tier Programming Toolkit is licensed and distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 2.0 UK: England & Wales License, and by downloading this toolkit you agree to this license.


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These are the libraries for the most recent version of the Toolkit

Library Version License
BCEL 5.2 (CVS) Apache v2
Eclipse JDT Core (Compiler) 3.3.0 Eclipse Public License v1
Java Look and Feel Graphics Repository 1.0 Single use Sun license
Jaxen 1.1 Jaxen specific & modified Apache v1.5
JDOM 1.0 JDom specific & modified Apache v1.11
JGraph LGPL v2.1
MySQL Connector-J 5.1.5 GPL v2
MySQL Connector-MXJ 1.1.6 GPL v2
XHTMLRenderer r8pre2 LGPL v2.1
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