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Dave Lyons

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I am a mostly retired person. The University has been kind enough to give me Visiting Fellow status, and I teach one graduate course, and help with an undergraduate one.

Research Interests

I have led a research and development programme in Computer Aided Education for people with severe learning difficulties, combining aspects of educational theory, human computer interaction (HCI) and data analysis. I am currently researching the HCI aspects of disability in general. A (perhaps partial) mapping between program HCI requirements and individual abilities is required. Given an abstraction of such a mapping, one can reason about substitute devices for disabled people. We can then turn this art into an engineering subject. I have a particular interest in orthoses for severe working memory loss.

I have a strong interest in Distributed Operating Systems and Kernels for embedded and life critical systems. The Brooker Laboratory, with its Wind River VXworks installations, provides a useful testbed. All of these areas involve medium to large suites of programs, which drives my enthusiasm for software engineering.

This University (and particularly this department) has a good history in working with and empowering people with disabilities. I have been appointed Disability Technical Officer for the University. My responsibility is to find the best solutions for disabled people with problems of access to technology. I tend towards simple solutions, whenever possible. I deeply believe in the KISS rule.

Examinations pose a particularly difficult problem across the multidimensional range of disabilities, disciplines and special equipment owned by the student. A Teaching and Learning grant has been made which will allow me to study this problem in depth, with the view to constructing an examination delivery system.

The University's facilities for people with disabilities are detailed on their own set of web pages.

There is a local organization that glories in the name OTT (which is Opportunities Through Technology) which exists to help people with disabilities onto a more level playing field with respect to employment. I am chair of that organisation.

The Department has a strong advising system. I am the senior advisor for the Department. For those few students with serious non-academic problems, I carry a resource book of agencies on and off campus which can help.


I teach one post-graduate course.

Networks: Construction, Protocols and Security is available to all M.Sc. Computer Science by course people. It provides an opportunity to study protocols, secure and otherwise, and the underlying security mechanisms.  cc436

More Information

Among my personal interests is jazz.

Thanks to those who sponsored my daughter's parachute jump. Here are two proofs.

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