Boxford Fleece Jazz Club

Contacts and Acknowledgements.

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To obtain information about the club, reserve tickets or add your name to
our mailing list please telephone:

01787 211865

or email one of the contacts below,
---> but not, please for tickets. We are not yet an e-commerce site. <---
When purchasing tickets, please send all cheques (with an S.A.E.) to:

Jazz at the Fleece 
18 The Causeway 
Boxford, Suffolk 
CO10  5JR

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Contacts and Thanks

The Boxford Fleece Jazz Club is run by a group of somewhat meshugeneh jazz lovers. Here, in alphabetical order, is a list of the committee members, with their duties, and email addresses. Baby pictures next.

The Committee, mostly
We have a group of friends and volunteers without whom we could not do: We are grateful to the University of Essex Department of Computer Science for providing disk space for the website.

But most of all, we are grateful to the wonderful musicians who come to the heart of darkest Suffolk, and provide us with such fantastic music, marvellous musicianship, and much more magic than we deserve.


Defn: Erudite - two phase glue.