Boxford Fleece Jazz Club

General Information about the Boxford Fleece Jazz Club

The very best of modern jazz every Friday at 8.30pm (doors open 7.30pm).

Experience the special intimate atmosphere in the upstairs room of this historic and friendly pub. There is a well stocked bar and coffee is available from the pub downstairs. The pub serves food before gigs. Please call 01787 210247 to book. Orders can be placed from 6:00 onwards, but if your order is not in by 7:30, it will be difficult to get you to the gig on time. This number is not for buying tickets, though.

Would you like to know about

Seating at the Club

We set out as many seats as we can, so that most of our audience is seated. The number of seats varies a bit with the size of the band. However, some people will have to stand if the gig is sold out, or close. We do note that some people prefer to stand!

To assure yourself of a seat, you need to have purchased a ticket, and to come early. The technique most people use to assure themselves of a seat is to put a coat or other object on a seat. We are happy with this, but, please, the doors open no earlier than 7:30!

Please note that your ticket covers admission only and does not guarantee a seat except in the case of disabled patrons who must inform us when booking.

If you have a disability, or need to be seated for health reasons, please let us know when you book. We will make arrangements. You might also look at our accessability information.

Our No Smoking Policy

As the 8 January 1999 gig was in honour of the Roy Castle Lung Cancer foundation, we felt it right that there should be no smoking at that gig. A little thought lead to a committee decision to make the club a nonsmoking one, for all the reasons you know. We hope you will agree with this decision, and help us with it. The balcony and the pub downstairs are always available for smokers.

Musicians and 'Deps'

The lineups listed in the brochure and this website are those given to us by the leader of the group, and are as accurate as we can make them. The music business being what it is, changes happen, and sometimes quite late. We have been very lucky, as the substitutions made by the groups have been quite wonderful. Nevertheless, the situation is not one we can control.

The Club and its Committee

The Boxford Fleece Jazz Club is an association of people interested in jazz. They volunteer their time, and draw no funds from the club. The club is non-profit (you better believe it), and receives no subsidies from any person or organization. In other words, the people who come to listen to some of the best jazz available in the country, pay for the musicians and the running costs. We do try to keep the latter to a minimum.

The Web Site

Our site, (, as you well know or you would not be here) is maintained by Dave Lyons. We try to keep it simple, up to date, and accessible to people with disabilities. If you have any comments or suggestions about it, Dave would be very glad to hear them.

The site is actually hosted by the Department of Computer Science at the University of Essex. The club is very grateful to the Department for this facility.

For Musicians wishing a gig at the Fleece...

Our booking person is Liz Rabett. She would be glad to hear from you. Her telephone number is 01621 855574.
Our equipment list is available as rich text file that most word processers will read, or a Word file.
Further technical information is available by emailing Dave Lyons.