The Boxford Fleece

Broad Street
Boxford, Suffolk
CO10 5DX
Tel: 01787 210247

(this number for the pub - here for tickets)

Food at the pub

Good food is available at the pub - fresh cooked food with a varying menu by our licensee, Jackie Heare. Please call 01787 210247 to book. To try to ensure that everybody gets fed and to the gig, Jackie will begin taking orders for food at 6:00. If the order isn't in by 7:30, it is difficult for her to get you food and time to eat before 8:30.

 the fleece sign
In the high street of a beautiful village is the Boxford Fleece  the fleece pub exterior
This fine old pub in Boxford is easy to find
A new picture of Jackie and her staff will appear soon!
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The upstairs room is used by the club and other organisations for many functions.

For the previous 11 years, the pub has been run by Marilyn and Les Hayes. We are very grateful to them for 9 years of companionship and help.

We wish to thank Michelle and Howard for their help during their stay at the pub.

It is said that the room was used for the assizes in the Red Barn murder trials, although Bury St. Edmonds claims it as well. The ghost is not Maria Martin. Some think it to be a nun named Gerald.
In any case, research is continuing.

When the jazz club uses the upstairs room, it looks something like this. A gig at the Fleece

For a better view, look at Brian's scrapbook.

The Boxford Fleece is a Pubmaster pub.